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From: Paris, France

La Tour Eiffel vue depuis l'Obélisque, place de la Concorde

Translation (according to the babelfish):
The Eiffel Tower seen since the Obelisk, places Harmony (should that be "Harmony place"?)

Tony from france sends an interesting note on the history of "Harmony place":
First, it made me think about the history of this place.

It was created in 1748 to receive a statue of king Louis XV, the place was named "Place Louis XV" when he inaugurated it in 1763. In 1792 on the occasion of the French Revolution it was given the name of "Place de la Revolution" to it. But things couldn't continue to be so simple. The revolution has ended with a sad episode, the Terreur (literally the terror). Between 1793 and 1794 a guillotine was installed there. More than a thousand people were executed, among them king Louis XVI (successor of the fifteenth..) and queen Marie-Antoinette. As well as Robespierre who was the instigator of the Terreur and of the Grande Terreur ! Finally a bit too grand , it has shortened him too. Afterwards in 1795 the name has been changed into "Place de la Concorde" as a sign of reconciliation. Later the name changed several times: in 1814 "place Louis XV" again, "place Louis XVI" in 1823 and briefly "place de la Charte" around 1830.
Before the end of the year 1830, worrying about calming republican people and perhaps afraid about his size, king Louis Philippe gave it back the name of "place de la Concorde", definitively. In the end, translating "place de la Concorde" into "Harmony place" is not far of the sense they wanted to give to it but may seem a little exaggerated by the light of history ;-)

In second 'place', the daily use of this name has almost made a proper name of it, its sense became secondary and it would sound unusual to translate it.

Thanks Tony!